In this article I will list out some of the most popular and new Apple HomeKit enabled products. There is a range of options to choose as a hub for your smart home, with 3 main contenders as a voice control system in your home. Apple’s Siri (using the HomeKit app on your phone), Amazons Alexa, and the newer Google Home. All have their own pro’s and cons, but in this article I will list out some of the best integrations with Apples HomeKit system.

It can be limiting in some ways to pick one system and use all your products with that. And Apple’s HomeKit is definitely the most closed off system to integrate products with. This doesn’t allow for as much range of things to integrate with HomeKit. However it does prevent low quality products from being used and integrated with the HomeKit system. If you enjoy iOS, macOS or other Apple products, this can be a great option to simplify your smart home setup. For more information about using siri with HomeKit you can check out this article here.

Another great benefit of the HomeKit system is that the HomeKit app is very easy to navigate and integrate on your iPhone/iPad devices. The UI is designed well, and the app can act as a central hub for all your devices.


Apple TV – Popular “smart TV” system with integrations from apps like Netflix, HBO, Youtube and iTunes


ecoBee 3 Smart Wifi Thermostat – This thermostat, as well as the Nest thermostat are the two most widely used and feature packed smart thermostats available


August Smart Lock – One of the most popular smart locks that has some great features to control your locks from your phone


D-Link Omna 180 Cam – HD camera with a wide field of view. D-Link Website


Phillips Hue – By far the most popular smart lighting system, includes a range of bulbs and functionality. Phillips Hue Website

iDevices Socket – Connect any lightbulb, to control and dim them with homeKit. Apple HomeKit Store

Eve Light switch – Connect and control devices with smarter light switches. Eve products include a range of sensors and good products which can be found here:


Apple watch – Arguably the best smart watch, with full interaction capabilities with HomeKit. Apple Watch Page


Netatmo – smart smoke detector, integrating real time alerts on your phone. Netatmo Website

Fibaro – All new flood, door, and motion sensors to integrate into your home. Fibaro Website


iHome smart plugs – Control any plug, giving many of your electronics ability to be controlled from HomeKit app. Apple HomeKit Product Link