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August Smart Lock

Keyless lock that will connects to your phone via a smart app

August smart lock is a smart lock to attach to your deadbolt locks. It attaches to the back of the door from the inside, allowing you to continue to use your existing keys with this product. With your phone you can use an app available for iOS or Android phones to control the lock.

The lock comes in a range of colours to suit the door and environment its placed on. Colours available on the current model are champagne, red, black, and silver. The lock has visual led lights placed inside, giving a green or red signal for locking/unlocking.

The set up uses bluetooth, and takes 4 double A batteries. The batteries last from anywhere between 9 months to a year in most cases (8765 hours are stated as average). Installation of the hardware involves removing the current back panel of the deadbolt lock, and replacing it with the august lock.

Calibrating the app and setup does take some time, probably a 10-20 minutes to set up the whole process. Once its set up you can invite other people and phones to use the lock via the app as well.

One interesting feature about this lock is that it provides a schedule system for having the lock unlock at a certain time and date. Also you can set the system up to receive notifications of everyone who uses the lock, as it happens. The phone can be set up with voice commands as well, working especially well with siri. Some basic commands that sync up with Home Kit on the iPhone are:

  • Siri, lock my door.
  • Siri, unlock my door.
  • Siri, lock my <house name>.
  • Siri, unlock my <house name>.
  • Siri, lock my <door name>.
  • Siri, unlock my <door name>.
  • Siri, is my door locked?
  • Siri, are all my doors locked?

With a smart home set up this product can integrate well with systems like Samsung Smart Things, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, and Nest Thermostat. There are some other products that are advertised with a high level of integration on the Amazon page for the lock.

There are a number of installation and review videos available on youtube so far. This lock is one of the most popular smart home locks available on the market. The current price ranges from $130-300 on Amazon.