IFTTT is a website and app service that allows you to connect all kinds of websites, apps, social media, and hardware together. It provides an easy solution to daily, weekly, or reactive tasks that you want to have done automatically for you. The concept is based off of a basic programming task. Although its made to complete tasks so simple anyone can benefit from this service.

There are great recipes available at their website http://ifttt.com for social media, productivity, internet of things, home automation and others. This article I will go over some of the home automation recipes available.

Once you create an account on the website you can browse different services available that IFTTT can connect with. You have the option to browse pre built recipes, or even make your own. Also if you choose pre built recipes you can customize them (most often you won’t need to build your own – there are many useful recipes already built).  Here is an example of some recipes available when browsing recipes specific to Phillips Hue, a smart home lighting system.

Recipes can not only work with just one service but connect multiple services together. Connecting Amazon Alexa with your Nest thermostat for example. IFTTT recently released some cool collections of popular recipes in the areas of Home Automation and IOT on their website.

21 Applets for your home:


15 Applets for the internet of things:


The best way to find out all the possibilities though is to visit the main website at http://ifttt.com or download the app for iOS or Android and start looking through the recipes you can use.

Automate anything from thermostats, lights, sensors, cameras, doors, electronics, and apps together to work around your schedule. It has proven itself to be an easy solution to saving time on basic tasks. This time saving is also made even more useful in a modern smart home.