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Nest Outdoor Cam

Weatherproof camera security system

The nest outdoor camera provides an easy to use, and highly functional camera system for your home. It costs $200 (USD), and if buying two is about $350. The camera setup is fairly easy and the camera can be easily swivelled into position using magnets. The camera comes with a wall mount and a 25 ft (7.6 m) long cable which will need to be plugged into a power outlet. The entire system is waterproof, including the power outlet cord.

The camera itself will shoot in high definition 1080p with a wide angle lens – about 130 degree field of view. A large field of view is essential for a product like this, because you will want to see as much of your outside surroundings as possible, especially for outside use. The quality is more than enough to zoom in on features in the footage as needed.

As for the playback ability the connected app will allow you to scrub through the last 3 hours of footage filmed on your camera. The app itself also has a feature that will highlight activity in the feed, helping you to scroll to the important parts of your camera footage. If you would like to view more than the last 3 hours, you can pay a monthly or yearly subscription servvice. This service will allow you to view up to either 10 or 30 days depending on your plan.

10-day video history
$10 a month or $100 a year for your first camera
$5 a month ($50 a year) for each additional camera

30-day video history
$30 a month or $300 a year for your first camera
$15 a month ($150 a year) for each additional camera

Another great feature of this camera system is its ability to be used as an intercom. It has a built in 2 way microphone. Allowing you to listen and speak through the camera. This works great when for example you want to speak to someone at your door.

While the camera isn’t idea for high powered extensive security you would use on something like a warehouse, its ideal for your personal home in most cases. For more information about the camera, the nest website provides some great photos and information about the capabilities of this product. Check it out here: