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Roomba iRobot 980

The Roomba vacuum line is one of the most popular robot vacuums for your home

The roomba is a popular, circular robot vacuum that automatically cleans your floor. It works across most different floor types, and can work on a schedule to keep things consistently clean. It’s recommended to do a thorough clean before first time use as the container can fill up fast. However after doing this you can use regularly and shouldn’t have to empty the container more than once a day.


  • rubber cylinders on bottom for collecting dust, which provide better cleanup and less tangling than brushes (introduced in previous version Roomba 880).
  • Over 2 hours of battery life, will return to its dock when finished cleaning, or when out of battery power
  • Wifi enabled, with an integrated smartphone app that can allow you to turn on/off while away
  • 1 year warranty (6 months for battery)
  • Detailed reports from app after cleaning


  • Although one of the best robot vacuums on the market, it is about twice the price of most others at $900 USD new.
  • Can get caught in small objects like toys or string